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Monday, November 3, 2014

Not there, yet, and another plan is coming together

It's not a bathroom, yet.
The only "spray" will be from the nozzle of the paint sprayer.
At seven this morning, the bathroom remains in the hands of the crew for another couple of days.

Some of what it takes to paint.

It is beautiful.
But not done.

What do you think of this?
I think it looks like an old lace curtain, on stretchers at my grandmother's front door.
Everything old is new again.
A few more bits will fall into place, and the loom and I will begin a new adventure.


  1. Oh my goodness, Joanne! What joy this must bring you! I so enjoy the towels you sent! I held one up and inhaled deeply the first day, and felt the love you put into each piece of art.

    Yes, my brothers were monsters then, and the 7/8ths have never been told, yet.

  2. So nearly there. And I hope, trust, believe that it will as blissful as ours is when it is finished.
    I am loving the peak into your work - and like Susan adore the towels you sent. Each and every time I use them I smile. Thank you so much.

  3. I like what's on your loom and the bathroom is coming together nicely.

  4. You think this is exciting; just wait till it is all done. Yes, we can have luxury and it is often in the smallest room in the house. These three weeks of waiting and watching will all come to an end soon and I know you will be more than thrilled.

    You have made so many of us happy with our new towels. They are so appreciated not only because the are very nice, but because they were made by hand and loom by a lovely and generous lady.

  5. I like the pattern on the loom; it does look like curtains! Can't wait for the grand opening of the bathroom when it is completed!


  6. Joanne, does your camera take video? Would you consider making a short video which shows you weaving a few rows?

    What beautiful lacey material you're making there. Waiting to see what you'll do next.

    Hope the delay in the bathroom is just a blip.

  7. What you've woven is lovely and the bathroom will probably be done when you've read this comment by the look of it!

  8. Hari Om
    ..oh I am so glad Susan confessed to the smelling of towels... I did the same!!! and loved their softness and warmth...this current weave looks super and can't wait till the new project; so second Jenny's request for some video!

    The bathroom sneak peak is very intriguing. You will be like a new woman with all this going on!!! YAM xx

    1. Cotton has a lovely smell. I've buried my nose more than once.

  9. So interesting seeing what is on your loom - very delicate.

  10. Can't wait to see the finished product, with your bathroom and your weaving! This fabric looks so delicate; weaving is an art form and weaving with love the very best kind of 'magic'.

  11. You are so close to a finished bathroom and what a joy it will be. Looking forward to seeing your newest project.

  12. Love that last photograph - reminds me of my lovely tea towels you sent me.
    Looking forward to a shot of the finished bathroom too.

  13. Looking very good, I love that last photo such delicate work.

  14. Your weaving looks very beautiful, Joanne - and the bathroom will too, in time.

  15. every time I think I have a handle on the way your bathroom is laid out you take a picture that doesn't fit. That's a beautiful pattern you are weaving there. Just clothe with which to make something?

  16. That bathroom is gonna be great.

  17. One good plan almost completed and another one on a roll. Woohoo!

  18. A brand new bathroom nothing better.

  19. I cuddled the towels and wished they were big enough for me to wear them because they are so soft. I hope you are thrilled with the bathroom when it's finished.


  20. Back again...I love the design of the new bathroom! We have such a small size 6' x 8' that this would work for us.

    Check out Elephant's Child and her bathroom rebuild struggles!

  21. Dear Joanne, so much is happening in your life. I hope that while the bath change is taking place you are taking some time away to simply enjoy the coming of winter. And yes, the thread on your loom does look like a lace curtain. I had lovely lace curtains in the 1870 home in Stillwater, MN, but somehow here they don't work. And so I just remember them with pleasure. And your "curtain" is surely lovely. Peace.

  22. Beautiful craftsmanship by both you and your great contractors! -- barbara