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Friday, April 27, 2012

Harry trees and houses

There is a Harry Potter house at the intersection of US421 and 50, in Versailles, Indiana. North out of Madison, it’s right there on the left.  I used to have a picture.  We hope I sent a copy to Ann and it’s in her big tub of pictures to be scanned.  That will be my job when I next go to Wisconsin.  Where the governor has just quietly signed legislation legalizing lower pay for women.  All the cases of pay discrimination will clog up the courts, he claims. The average American woman earns 77 cents for every male dollar earned.  In Wisconsin it’s 75 cents.  I am very interested in the recall vote coming up in a couple of weeks.

I digress.  There are Harry Potter houses, if I look around, and while I was in Wisconsin last I yelled “Stop the car; it’s a Harry Potter house!” twice, and Ann did.  This white house probably is more Hermione than Harry, but the little round room looks charming.

That makes this brick house with a round foyer more Professor McGonagall than Harry Potter. 

Think of a house of round rooms, all topped off with shingled turrets and that’s my Versailles Harry Potter house.  I’ll find that picture!

For the last nine years I’ve passed a happy Harry Potter tree on the way to work.  It’s right on the township grounds!  This is a Hagrad tree.


Less happy before morning coffee and sunshine.

Ah, going to be a bright, bright, sunshiny day.


  1. What beautiful looking houses. Nothing like the boring terraced box I live in.

  2. We have a couple of houses in this city that would qualify as "of the Harry Potter story" style.

  3. I have relatives in Wisconsin who keep me updated on the election recall. They really need to get a governor who values all his constituents and not just the moneyed few!

  4. We who love Harry Potter salute you! Great tree, too!

  5. At least the houses have got some class and style unlike the square shoe boxes that are built today and the tree looks to be an oldie but a goodie :-).

  6. Your interest in houses makes me think you would enjoy some of the posts from a blog I found in Namibia. I don't recall how I found it but I've been following OneStonedCrow for years now. He is building his stone house in Namibia and takes great picture of the house, desert, odd things in Namibia. Here's a post that shows part of his house. Tell him I sent you if you comment.

  7. I've never given a thought to Harry Potter houses, but every time I see a sprawling "witchy" castle I think of Hogwarts.
    I like the Professor MacGonagall house you have here. I could live in that.

  8. I love the Professir McGonagall house and the Hagrid tree. Thank you so much.

  9. Beautiful, quirky houses - but it won't surprise you that my favourite is that wonderful tree! I wish I could join in and sing "Look all around there's nothing but blue skies"... but I can't because it is still pouring!

  10. Love the top house Joanne. It looks slightly art deco in style with a touch of French chateau thrown in!


  11. I like towers...very Scots, somehow!

    Hi, btw!! I see we have quite a few blogs in common on our respective blogrolls!!

  12. Love the houses. And the trees. And definitely Harry Potter!!!