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Monday, October 24, 2016

Bird feeder decided, for me

I intended to hang the bird feeder on the pink mandevilla's hook.

I see several neighborhood cats, and until this youngster adopted the front porch, I didn't give them much thought.
Laura says the little girls across the street claim him as their own.
I guess I'll ask their mother if she has plans to have him neutered, and if he really has a home for winter.

After five years with a feral cat, I'd lost track of how friendly house cats can be.
This fellow was in my lap as soon as I sat down.
I removed him, so he moved to the other rail for an "ear show down" with Pig.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

And so the generations roll

The old lady and the kid went shopping at Loews last night,
for some things to improve the laundry room and the shed. 

I watched the young man with distended ear lobes
cut a piece of 2x4xeight feet into 2x4x24 inch sections.

From behind me, Laura demanded "What's the Pink Panther doing here?"

"It's a brand of weatherproofing," I said.

"It's a cartoon," Laura said.

I believe her Pink Panther predates my Pink Panther.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Tiny thing, in a two inch pot.
We put it in one of Jan's little ceramic pots.

Marty Froehlik, an artist friend, made the little dragon fly pot.

The orchid grew and grew, and made more flower spikes every year.
In a while there obviously was no dirt left in the little pot,
so I bought a four inch pot and transplanted the orchid.
We fitted the plastic pot into another of Marty's pots.

The dragonfly pot had a fatal encounter with the cat who must know all.
Mother used to say, it wasn't the fall. It was the sudden stop.
The dragonfly pot became a lot of pieces.

And, the orchid kept on growing, and sending out spikes.
One even grew through the openwork of the pot.

The orchid is growing another new leaf this year.

Now, Marty is not an infamous potter, so I set EBay searching, searching for his pots.
I hoped to replace the dragon fly and find another Marty Froelick pot this size.

In one year I have found two pots.
One is the little purple pot on my windowsill.

And, one is a similar pot, but, smaller than the pot the orchid  occupies.

Today I had to make a last trip to the old house, and the pot on the right was sitting on the old mantle.

No, my sister did not want that pot. She wanted her pot.

So it goes.
The EBay search continues.