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Monday, January 16, 2017

I-Day minus three and counting

Last November I quoted Joe Hill, “Don’t mourn! Organize!” Two days after the election, I began looking for places to use my voice and my money. I thought about a motorized chair, for things like the protest the day after the inauguration. Financial realism meant sponsoring a young woman to go in my place. 

I planned this with another septuagenarian, and though we did not earmark the donation, we hope it sends an LGBT woman of color. Or an immigrant, like Joe Hill and most of the rest of us. As of last week, 200 buses have applied for permits for the inauguration, and 1,200 for the nasty women’s march. I’m pleased to have sent one of those voices.

In the beginning I decided my best way forward was calling and registering my protest to every bit of stupidity the incoming administration proposes. But as nice as unlimited minutes and texts are, I was unfocused, even confounded by all the protest choices. I heard Janis Joplin in my head. “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV. Dialing for Dollars is looking for me….”

I came across a site that was doing so much of the research: Actions for Democrats, Independents,& Republicans of Conscience. 

It has kept me organized and productive the last several weeks by providing the names and numbers I needed. Click on the bold name and you’ll be on the site. This week’s list might seem a little tame, but you can go back the last six weeks and find more background coverage.

For more analysis of the future, take a look. For a way to be heard, take a look. And by the way, nasty men can make just as much noise. If you’re joining the march on Saturday, I hope to hear you all the way to Ohio. To all my friends who are going,Thank You.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Wooden magic

Yesterday's rain saturated everything, including my deck.
This morning I found frost pictures.

I took them all horizontally, and meant to show them horizontally.
But the same image on end is even better.

Potbellied sea horse.

An hibiscus.

A dancer.


A butterfly dance. Either way.

What do you see.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

An Areal Flood Event

An Areal Flood Warning is normally issued for flooding that develops more gradually, usually from prolonged and persistent moderate to heavy rainfall. This results in a gradual ponding or buildup of water in low-lying, flood prone areas, as well as small creeks and streams.

Today is day three of rain.

On the way to work this morning. This tree is my header.

I rolled down the window.

The Scout Camp drive.

The river.

The golf course.

Coming home, three hours later.
The header tree at the top of the overflowing pond.

The Scout camp drive.

Water over the ditch and into the road.

Another view. Eerie to see the edge line under water, which is up the hill.

On my way in this morning, county workers were trenching the ditch to send the water downhill.

But, the water is ahead in the race.
See all the green shoots?
I have hundreds of bulbs up in my garden.
Told them they were all a bunch of dummies.
Plummeting from 60 degrees today, to 20 tomorrow.