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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Pictures from yesterday and today

I was out and about yesterday, to the post office and bank. I drove around the "No Trespassing" signs at the golf course.

It would be only a very large meadow, were it not for the rows and orderly rows of spruce.

A final stop by the pond. I have not seen the heron in some time. Perhaps it's too hot for it, too.

I watered the plants today. Too hot to be out, at ten this morning. Next week will be seventies and eighties all week, including Wisconsin.

Have a good couple of weeks, until we meet again. I am going off off line.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Fifty years ago

We were so proud fifty years ago, as Americans, and every single one of us. We who were old enough remember where we were. Those not old enough tend to remember where they were the first time they saw the old magic.

Today we do not have that thrill, that image, that lift of spirit, mind and body. Like the heat wave so many of us and so much of the world is sinking under, we are oppressed by our president. Some words I've copied down of late:


Obviously racist

Dangerous rhetoric


I cannot look. I cringe and shrink in at his words. Frequently there are tears.

I read even more disturbing news. The man can lose the popular vote by fifty million, yet capture the electoral college, he has so consolidated his base in this midwest of old white men, terrified of losing power.

I just don't know. I can only keep on trying.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Suspicious mind

Toby visited the vet this afternoon, to get current on his immunizations. This afternoon he sulks! Not because he was stuck.

No, he is put out because I haven't put away the cat carrier. Something is not right in his world, and he's stopped speaking to me. Oh well.

He's right; something is up. Although I'm not leaving until Monday, he goes to kitty kamp tomorrow. They can have a few extra days to give him a good, close haircut.

In other news, the shed saga is over. Les Nesman's office is in place.

I told Dan I was leaving Monday, and would leave him the key to the old shed, to handle the details while I was gone. His response was "Meet me out there Wednesday morning!", and I did. Following an overnight downpour, they brought it in.

Then Dan and Joe brought over "your damn stone", and set it. A giant slab of sandstone I bought on sale at the landscaper across the road, so I can step up into "my damn shed". My granddaughters sited it at the old shed.

And while Dan hung over the back of his truck and enjoyed himself haranguing me for twenty minutes, Joe carried the contents of the old shed up the slope and put them in the new shed.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Day trips

Someone in Wisconsin who reads the blog wrote overnight, that since my road trip was gone for now, perhaps I'd like to have lunch with her. Of course I would, and she and I have a lunch date. And Ann, who, like me, is up for most anything.

So what say you. Let's see how many lunches I can eat out in Wisconsin. Ann lives between Milwaukee and Madison. If you live an hour or so north, south, east or west of an imaginary point between those two cities, and would like to meet a stranger for lunch, let me know. I'll bring Ann, if I can.

Dear Mage wants to know what cookbook I'm bringing with me. My two cookbooks, Mage, are long gone. My mother gave me Settlement House cookbook and my mother-in-law gave me Betty Crocker, with the plaid cover. So my current cookbook is the internet. Laura cooked directly from Google. I have to have one or two versions printed out, in a plastic sleeve and in my notebook.

Tonight I had potato soup, and six servings are in the freezer. I won't be making that again until next spring. I made it this morning and played cards all afternoon. When I came home, soup was on.

If you live near enough in Wisconsin to meet me for lunch, I would enjoy the rendezvous. My email is over in the sidebar below the search box. Leave me a note in comments if you cannot locate it, but want to know.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Little to say, fewer pictures

I put stones in the birdbath. Still no takers. Perhaps I need a sign.

This small flower with heart shaped leaves is growing in one of the mandevilla pots. Small is an understatement; this is larger than life. I have no idea what it is. That's a mandevilla leaf in the upper right corner. I could not see the little plants leaves were trefoils until I looked at the picture on my computer screen.

This year I have a Gerbera daisy, a red one. It was in the orphan section, on sale for three dollars. The only one I found with buds is red, and that's fine with me.

I planned to leave for a vacation this Saturday, and was deep in negotiation with the insurance company to release one drug for refill two days early. I'll never know how that would have turned out, for the vacation was a proposed road trip with Ann, and she had to cancel it today. I'll leave Monday for a regular visit to Wisconsin.

The road trip probably is only postponed, so that is all I'll say about that. I told Ann I have returned to my status of forty years ago, and am a decent cook. I will bring my cookbook and she can find dinner on the table every night. No cold cereal while I'm there!