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Monday, February 8, 2016

Library day

We went to the library this weekend.
On the way into town we passed this recently renovated little house. 
I like the pea green door.

The library had new carpeting installed last month.
I was anxious to see the results.

The stone mosaic mural was designed by Honore Guilbeau-Cooke, Peninsula's famous depression era artist, and one of the founders of the Library and Historical Society.

Just past the vestibule.

Children's section.

One of the activity rooms, being readied for making valentine crafts.

The teen room.

A shot down a stack. The new carpet under the old stuff is perfect.

Perusing the music CD's. 
We refurbished Laura's old computer with no thought to retaining her music collection. 

Some things remain in flux.

I love these last two pictures of fingers and library cards.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

 I stopped at River Light Gallery Friday,
to deliver lime green shirts,

and realized how much it makes me smile.
I see an underlying steam punkiness.

I think Diane, the owner, was trending to industrial, without punk.

It's her gallery, and makes no difference,
as long as there are customers.

The great sandstone wall!

There is so much light it's not easy to take pictures.

But good light makes a good gallery.

I have a new warp going on my loom this weekend.
I probably won't be back before I have more shirts done.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Smaller than a teacup

I saw this in the paper birch tree at the town hall.
It probably is a hummingbird nest. 
My camera extends from 4 to 180 mm.


49 mm

21 mm

Without extending the lens, the nest seems like some debris caught in the branches.

Hummingbirds generally do not reuse nests, but recycle them.
(Thank you, Google.)

The windows behind are in a room that is locked unless rented for an event,
but I'll try and keep an eye on the nest from the lower level, where I am. Until it disappears into the leaves.