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Saturday, November 17, 2018


Last night Laura went home with a friend and the two of them went to the school’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Even at 9:30 PM, when she came home, her animated recap of the show meant she found it excellent.

My assignment was to meet her after the show and bring her home. I thought about the trip several times over the day. I had been out the day before, for a month overdue haircut.  By chance my neighbor and I realized we had planned destinations to the same real estate area for the same time, and she said she would take me. “Why didn’t you ask me?!  You’ve only been home a couple of days!!” And so forth and so on, and the company was nice and we stopped for lunch on the way home.

But the weather changed to freezing rain yesterday afternoon. I fretted a lot, and by afternoon called my sister, and she retrieved Laura. I also arranged with the neighbor who mows all summer and shovels all winter to add me to his itinerary. For fifteen dollars he will shovel and salt porch, steps, drive; and clear the car.

My neighbor is satisfied, so this winter I’ll give it a go. I think I also will add a remote starter to my car. I scraped a lot of ice last year. But this winter my nerve has deserted me, and I’ll see if windshield wipers can deal with slushy ice.

Remember that great new warp on my loom last July? In the two or three weeks between the first rehab session and shoulder surgery, I wove up a tube of pumpkin thread and most of a tube of turquoise thread. Then I had my shoulder repaired. The doctor was keen on weaving as therapy, but I effectively brought that to a halt by vaulting over the walker and back into rehab.

I came home from this rehab to three bobbins of turquoise left to weave. At half an hour a bobbin, I can honestly say, I devoted an hour and a half to weaving this week. I wound off a tube named Kiwi to my empty bobbins. It looks like a can of canned peas to me. I like that color.

Gone, too, are days of endless weaving. I am far slower than I ever remember. I'm still good, nice selvages, even beat. Then my arms stop, my hand does not release the shuttle. Done for the day. I compared it to losing nerve, but only for a second. Muscle is more like it. I'd guess those front muscles. Deltoid? I don't know. A lot were shifted.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Don't be hasty

What a difference a day makes! I needed another trip to Ace today, and what a surprise on my trip up the road.

If you peer closely through the trees to the right of the house, a blue car is just visible.

I only got this one picture; it was late afternoon and there was traffic in all directions.

I detoured on the way home, and took a wintery picture of the corkscrew willow on the golf course.

Tomorrow, a haircut, a month overdue. Be still, my heart.

The house, yesterday morning. Not a hasty undertaking.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Another Democrat wins another seat. Senate, that is. And additional rambles.

There is no question there was a blue wave, and the good guys prevailed. Trump lost. The Arizona Democrat, Krysten Sinema brings the incoming Senate standing close to even, I believe, though the states still not called can change that, better or worse.

Our president presents more shamefully each day. I feel like he may have alienated so many of us by 2020, he may decide not to run, in an LBJ reenactment. The rest of the world are lobbing back his insults. They could send worse.

My Ohio Senator, Sherrod Brown, is sending up test balloons for a presidential run in 2020. This is not good. He’s marginally less progressive than Bernie Sanders, and ten years younger. He’s a meat and potatoes, working man’s senator, who makes a difference in my mostly red state. I don’t know that we could get a decent replacement while he’s making a presidential run.

Brown has been our senator for two terms, and just won a third. He’s married to Connie Schultz, a Pulitzer prize journalist. She resigned from the Cleveland newspaper, saying being a congressman’s wife was a conflict of interest. She writes occasional editorials. I became a fan after reading the column about being approached by a blackmailer, to buy his photos of Sherrod attending an event with Connie. “Well, we are married,” she told the man.

Yesterday, after entertaining therapy folks all morning, I ventured out on one errand. My driving does not please them. Yesterday the last of them was so late she had to squeeze her visit into a half hour, and I followed her out the door to another appointment. Quite satisfactory.

Today I left early, to complete two errands. I was a bit hesitant; it’s sprinkling, due to be snow. I had to find a decent parking place at the bank, and there it was, right in front. This is in Hudson’s infamous Main Street, head in, diagonal parking. Thank you parking gods. 

The hardware stop was more dicey; still sprinkling and linoleum floors. I know the cane tip slips badly on linoleum when it’s wet. I stood on the walk-off mat until noticed by my local Ace Hardware man, who got what I wanted and gave me his arm to the register. Ace is the Place with the Helpful Hardware Man!

In half an hour I’m leaving to play cards. I’ll spread de-icer on my way out and leave the can there on the drive until I return. Nancy and I were roundly and soundly defeated at the rehab facility two weeks in a row. It’s time to turn the tide.

Coming home from the hardware store, I turned around and went back for this perfect picture of the season. The house is empty, and the squirrel's nest there over the roof line must be, too.