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Monday, September 19, 2016

Spiders and webs

Laura took the first two orb spider pictures.
They are common garden spiders in Ohio, 
but this is the first one we've seen in years.

Our house is treated monthly for wasp nests, as two of us in the house are deadly allergic.
One time a substitute operator came in for payment when he was done, and announced
"I took care of that big yellow spider, too."

"You killed Charlotte!" from the lips of all the weavers working in the room.

There was a "Charlotte" every year, where the ramp and deck joined.
They are annual, and it seems a new one every year appropriated that good spot.

This Charlotte is storing her catch for later. She "zipped" up her web to capture it, and now will unzip and reattach it, to snare the next course.

Driving from the post office to work this morning, I stopped for this web.
The sign is in a swale, and I did not dare step in for a straighter picture.
That's the morning sun from the east; the road runs north and south.

Oh, yes, that is the tip of a concrete road marker fastening the web.
Peninsula will not change to eye level, green reflective road signs, which are easy to see.


  1. I think I would have killed that spider too...sorry. I do dislike spiders even thought they are fascinating.

    1. It would have been quite a splat, Joe. Orbs are bigger than a quarter, and taller than a dime on end. They live exclusively outdoors, and are the perfect spider to demonstrate to children. When prey touches the open web, this big creatures moves fast as lightening to zip the web closed around it; then dispatches and either eats or stores her prey for later. So, you can take an insect, say a grasshopper (which I hate, and probably would stupidly hop into the web eventually), toss it into the web to demonstrate, to the amazement and amusement of children.

  2. Here we say ' if you want to live and thrive, let all spiders run alive'
    Their webs are so beautiful aren't they Joanne. At present, when the sun is
    low in the early morning, our grass in the fields is just woven together with tiny spiders webs.

  3. Hari Om
    Oh I do hope any new owner has respects fro all future Charlottes!!! WEll spotted on that road web. Lovely capture... YAM xx

  4. We also like to watch the spiders here, but as usual the Americans spiders are bigger and much more beautiful:)

  5. We used to have a spider just like that out front. And then I took down the fence and the light and there wasn't anyplace left to attach his web!

  6. I am becoming increasingly fascinated by spiders. And their webs. Google Peacock Spiders for a tiny beauty.

  7. I love the big garden orb weavers. Haven't had one here in a couple of years. when we first looked at this house it had been vacant for a year and the golden orb weavers (banana spiders) were everywhere with their huge webs. the year after we moved in there were a few and then none since. I miss them.

  8. I'm not fond of spiders, but as long as they're outside, I'd probably leave them alone. Of course I have walked through outside webs by accident and ended up doing the 'spider dance'...

  9. one thing I despise is walking into a spider web full on. ugh

  10. Dual webs - cool pic. My wife asked (complained) the other day as to why I don't notice the spider webs around the deck. I told her I do notice them but think they will help catch a few mosquitoes or other flying pests.

  11. The orb wavers are busy here too. They sense the time of year!

  12. I have a lot of respect for spiders. I am fascinated by their webs. I try not to kill any outside, but inside ones sometimes inadvertently get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner. I do admit that I get the heebie jeebies when I see hundreds of little baby spiders making their way out into the world after hatching. -Jenn

  13. It that time of year that the spiders are moving about. I was in the hospital bathroom and guess what was crawling across the floor.
    Coffee is on

  14. Love the webs. I try not to break any I see around here, but if they're on the washing line, well, then it's bye bye web if I need to hang stuff.

  15. I don't like spiders, as a rule, but that is the only pretty one I've ever seen. It would still freak me out a little if it was in my yard, though.

  16. I don't mind spiders as they eat the bugs that I do mind. Orb spiders are a little ominous but are beautiful and interesting looking creatures.

  17. The orb spiders are my favorites.. I love seeing the zig-zag line down the center. I was warned that black widows were around our place in SE Ohio this summer but never saw one. I think the only time I was especially careful was when we lived in Tennessee and had the Brown Recluse. Glad Charlotte lives on...

  18. I have seen these spiders before but I didn't know what type they I do, thank you Joanne.
    I love spider webs and cobwebs. I am fascinated by them. I've always wanted to be a weaver myself...but I never got around to it.
    Wonderful blog and post. I'll be back again~


  19. I'm much less creeped out by spiders than I used to be, probably because I did some research and found out we have no poisonous ones where I live. The one you've shown here is nicely patterned.

  20. Sorry to hear about the wasp allergy - I'd only heard of bee allergy. I hate wasps having been stung on my face as a child. Love your spider though !