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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Too hot for May, but not for flowers

It was so cold for so long, most flowers curled in their toes and waited.
Now the white mandevilla has dropped the first round of blooms and the second set will open soon.

Pink mandevilla seem the madcaps of the genius.
They have been blooming since hung, only growing slowly.

These balloon flowers migrate around the triangle garden.
At the other end one summer, up here the next.

Toad made way for Laura's little herb garden.

Pig's nasturtiums have no blooms, yet.

Over to the serious growing!
My plan of crowding out the weeds is working.
Look how hard the grasses have worked to get through the pinks.
Come Monday, they will rue the effort.

Laura picked out this rose four years ago. 
A tiny bush back then.

The rose on the trellis, beginning its ten foot climb.
That's the last of my dad's oriental poppies. It should be blooming now, but isn't.

Columbine. They have stayed contained for three years.

 The flower tower is coming along. I added a sweet potato vine.

There are at least six fifteen dollar bearded iris growing here.
In three years, only one has bloomed.
I'm commencing to have a bad opinion of them.

The last anemone of the year.I am so pleased with all the little ground covers I've planted, most of whose names I do not recall.

This purple flowering plant was intended for a ground cover, but I'm finding it rather aggressive.
The coral bells have started flower spikes.

Aunt Laura's iris, over in the corner, and the bleeding heart.

The foxglove.

And, that's what's growing this week.


  1. What a wonderful tour of your flowers. We had an early blooming season around here and it's already done! Boo hoo! I love that purple bearded iris. Mine were gorgeous this year

  2. Your garden is coming along so well. I specially like the flower tower. I always have a soft spot for columbine, the name is so pretty too.

  3. Your garden is coming along so well. I specially like the flower tower. I always have a soft spot for columbine, the name is so pretty too.

  4. It's looking really good. I have doubts about some of the irises too.

  5. So beautiful, Joanne. And such variety, colour and texture. You do a great job!

  6. You've a great garden Joanne. I absolutely love poppies and yet have never grown them. Bulbs or seeds? I have got to thin out my iris, but I can't remember the time of year to do that.

  7. Hari OM
    Crowding is not the problem for the iris and I don't think the lack of sunshine is a problem for your garden; so it could be moisture/Ph balance ... or the rhizomes have been planted a tad to deeply; the 'knub' ought to be at level with surface, or even a little protruding... maybe worth lifting and replanting? I adore iris and did grow these in my OZe yard... so lovely to see all the blooms! YAM xx

  8. Oh my! You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden, Joanne.

  9. LOVING your garden. Agreeing with YAM about the iris. A replant could have them flowering as they should.

  10. I think I remember when that garden was weeds and rocks. Lots of hard work is paying off.

    1. You remember well. A project to engage the children, and totally their labor as I can not stand on one foot to sink a spade, or bend down and do the same with a trowel.

  11. It's so pretty! I love the columbines, I've never been able to grow those, or foxgloves either. They start well, then die suddenly.
    The flower tower is going well.

  12. Great garden shots. Iris need to be planted right on the surface with roots and and just the very bottom half of the rhizome below the soil. They also love to get full sun.

  13. So cool all that is growing! So very colorful!


  14. So beautiful, i like the simplicity of your garden, mine is the same but smaller.

  15. Lovely flowers! It's funny how some people can easily grow something, while others struggle. For example, I rip out bearded iris because they become too much, but I LOVE foxgloves and can rarely get them to grow, replanting year after year with very little success. It is very hot in Ontario, as well. -Jenn

  16. beautiful! lots of pretty flowers. the efforts are well worth it. my 3 yr old rangoon creeper is finally going to bloom for the first time. I've spent the last several months threatening it with the treatment I gave the guara if it didn't bloom this year.

  17. Beautiful! You have such a wide variety. I haven't seen nasturtiums for years and years. They take me back to when I was a kid and my mother grew them.