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Sunday, May 8, 2016


Laura needs a haircut (so does Emily)
Nasty ends are the price of all the lovely colors.

After her haircut, we went to the Peninsula Flea.
Linda likes to sell a few rugs for a nominal booth fee and overnight accommodations with good friends.

Found them, amidst a dozen booths. 
"Found us!"

I asked Laura to jump in, assuming she would stand behind.
Only skinny little girls can sit on the air between two people.

I love the children. He'll never be three again!

Neither will these two. This is a soap booth, and this particular bar is titled "Cereal Intervention".
I'm too old to follow that.
This fellow is too young to know everything that looks good isn't.
He's already shoved it in his mouth and got rid of it mighty fast.
Now he's checking to see if the texture may have changed from soap to cereal.

Back home, we're working on the problem I'm pondering.
Prom is next week, and Emily's crew is coming here for pictures, "because your garden looks so nice."

Oh, the faith. I already figured out how to get Emily home from school early enough one day next week for a prom hair cut.

Now I need to figure out how to make a garden a backdrop.
Well, the allisium will be in full bloom.

"Hi! Remember us? We're here to help!"

"I have no idea what you find so interesting out there!"

Planting milkweed.

Watering milkweek.

So, I'm thinking the prom crew can be on the sidewalk in front of the flower tower, and I photograph them from the real sidewalk, sitting in a chair to include what greenery I have in the front.

Pete Seeger is still doing well, but I haven't seen Rocky for the last week or so.
I think it's because I've had to leave the house at 7:15 these last many days, not 9 or 10 as usual.
Obviously we kept the same schedule.
I'll be back to it in a week or so.


  1. That is such a beautiful garden. You are lucky you have that granddaughter to help you with it.

  2. You must be so proud that the young men and women chose to have pictures taken there. And I know your granddaughters are pleased that this is where their friends want to come.

  3. They are so lucky to have a grandmother like you.

  4. Your garden will look wonderful in the pictures! It is looking beautiful already.

  5. I have to stop myself from the old joke about - "Milkweed? You think your kids are growing milkweed?!". I've been watching too much Breaking Bad.

    1. I'll dedicate my best monarch butterfly picture to you.

  6. That is a wonderful compliment to have your garden chosen for the all important prom photos. It's going to be a terrific memory!

  7. Spring has definitely sprung up there in NE Ohio. Love it that the kids want a photo shoot in your garden. Your pig/flowers has inspired me... I bought 2 pks of nasturtium seeds I'm going to plant tomorrow. One of my favorite flowers and seeing yours over the past few years made me SO jealous!

    1. This year pig's nasturtium leaves are variegated. Last year they were solid. Laura thinks the flowers will be pink this year. We'll see.

  8. Hari Om
    I reckon you could use just about any angle... so many delightful 'nooks' to choose from! YAM xx

  9. I am so pleased that they cannot think of anywhere better than home for the photos.
    Yay you.

  10. I can see why they want to come to your garden for pictures! So pretty there! How fun too to see everyone all dressed up!


  11. It is a very nice garden, should make or nice pictures.

  12. There will be some amazed young ladies when they stand in front of your flowers!

    Eating soap is a long tradition, esp. for boys.

  13. I think you've hit on the right idea for the Prom crew photo, it's going to look lovely.

  14. Oh Prom, so much to do and so much excitement. I think you will make out just fine with the garden photos. Your Solomon's Seal (SS) is looking nice. For the first time ever, I've got little hummingbirds coming often to my garden and I saw them drinking the nectar from the SS. The rugs your sister makes are absolutely beautiful.xx

  15. The prom pictures are going to be great in the midst of your garden.

  16. That is so sweet they chose your garden for pictures. Good luck (and guide them around the plants).

  17. Your garden will be a great backdrop for prom pictures. Loved all these little 'slices of your life'.

  18. Hi Joanne, I was so long not in blogland, that I missed the change in your header: beautiful! The idea why soap should pretend to be anything else but soap is a riddle to me. I know a lot of people who are harping about "Lush" - it gives me the creeps: those odours of food - but it is soap - looking like - mmh - icecream blocks?

  19. Your story of the little one eating soap thinking it was something good reminds of the recent news of many toddlers eating those dishwasher soap packets with colorful blue and green liquid.
    Nice garden.

  20. I love the strength and tenacity of that little plant growing through the walkway in your last shot! Your yard is beautiful.