Thursday, October 29, 2015

The camera had an outing today

 Today I set out to take pictures,
after a stop at the gallery to get a sense of what to do next.

This is right in my own backyard; the place my brother-in-law used to split logs.
His first major purchase after a snow blower, twenty odd years ago,
was a log splitter.

The old place has developed its own ecosystem.

I stopped at the gallery first, but I'm saving it to the end.

I stopped in Boston Park.
One of the trustees keeps it planted or decorated in season.
I have not seen it this year. It must have been a stunner all summer,
and is pretty cool right now, with pumpkins and gords in the vines.

Spruce needles in the sandstone walks.

And a purple leaf in the needles.

This is an abandonded road I haven't been up in years.
Just taking a look, and I pulled off the road to take this in.

Another tree for my collection!

My section was completely rearranged when I went in.
Look how cozy!
Diane said she was pleased I was pleased.

And while I stood there I sold a triange mobeus wrap to a customer,
who turned and hugged me on learning I was "the artist!"
I'm just the weaver, who needs to make more of them.


  1. Loved being on your walk today... I miss Ohio in the fall. And... the shop! I looked real close at your creations. I loved wearing my (your) woven shirt on my vacation. It's SO comfy and drapes quite nicely. Do I see any green or yellow shirts on your display? (I'm not a "dress" person).

  2. So glad you enjoyed the shirt; I thought you would. Don't forget--washer and dryer. They take real well to the rough and tumble.
    I'll take a look in the gallery tomorrow and see if one of those dark green is left in your size. I'll take my camera!
    Diane is selling the dresses as "great over leggin's." You wouldn't catch me in one or the other; I'm totally with you on the dress issue.

  3. Hari OM
    ... okay, so you are 'the artisan... never 'just' your skills ol' gal!!! Love that spooky tree shot... YAM xx

  4. Interesting. And how good to have appreciation for your work.
    That tree looks remarkable - like a person!

  5. To whom is the tree surrendering?
    Your corner in the gallery is looking good!
    Jane x

  6. How amazing to look at all that in the shop and to think, "I made all that!"

  7. Liked your house photo on the hill with the bare trees. You certainly have a nice business with your new location. Wonderful to have all that talent! -- barbara

  8. You are truly an artist, Joanne! How wonderful to be appreciated in such a lovely way.

  9. I thought the tree was a bear! With LONG arms! Neat picture. Also a wonderful inventory of your creativity. Glad you made a sale. Suppose the shop is doing more for you than Etsy did.

  10. Loved walking with you. And would agree with the hugger - you are an artist. In textiles and in life.

  11. It was a nice fall excursion. The observations you made are informative. And look at all the exercise I got.

  12. Such a nice display of things for sale at the store :) Glad you got to be there when a sale was being made :) Great fall pictures too :)


  13. The well with the plantings looks lovely and so does your section in the gallery, with those lovely warm scarves.

  14. what a nice display of your work, didn't realize you make so many different garments; love that old gnarly tree and the rock planter

  15. I love the idea of splitting logs x

  16. Nature reclaiming things..thats proper recycling

  17. Loved the walk with you and your camera.

  18. I guess that house is abandoned as well. and your corner of the gallery looks wonderful. full of beautiful garments.

    1. It was eminate domained by the park; that dark underbelly I mention from time to time. At the time of the park's fiftieth anniversary, I undertook a little writing campaign in the local newspaper to remind people, and the park superintendent looked me in the eye and told me I wasn't helping the park; "the average visitor's time here will not be enhanced by knowing 400 people lost their homes." He earned three figures as the director, then he retired and went to work for the Conservancy for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where he earns even more three figures. It was looking at the 990's for the Conservancy that the idea of collecting income tax from those people first occurred to me. The Conservancy's payroll is in the millions, annually.
      Yes, the house is abandoned.

    2. It looks like it was a lovely comfortable home, still in reasonable condition. Perhaps the superintendents could live in houses stolen from the owners. Why not? It would save money all around.

  19. Congratulations on that sale.
    I like that purple leaf, by the way.

  20. Lovely walk. I love the planter, still cared for. And I wish I lived nearby to shop in the store. My sister lives in Columbus, and perhaps she could visit when they bike around the state.

  21. Your woven wares look beautiful. The sort of display that fills my head with thoughts of being a slightly different and better me if I just purchase a garment.

  22. I love that first shot of the crumbling platform and the moss and leaves.

    Glad to hear your sales are going well! The mobius scarf is a beauty.

  23. The tree reminds me of Pa's "Bear Tree" in Little House in the Big Woods.