Tuesday, September 1, 2015

She still answers the phone "Hello, Sunshine!"

Perhaps you remember my niece, Tonia,
who hit a texter who ran a red light,
back on July 7?
Sweet young thing who walked away,
presumably texting OMG, can you believe what happened.

This was the two pin stage of recovery, a few days later.
Tonia has had three surgeries, plates, pins and screws put into her leg.
She as taught herself to use a walker and crutches, so she can be home and take care of her dog.

The sweet young thing's daddy's insurance has run out.
Tonia's attorney has a running tab with the hospital and the doctor.

That's a wound vac there, pumping oxygen in and sucking nasties out.
A nurse comes to the house to change it.

That's Moses, Tonia's dog. 

Her knee says, in pretty permanent ink, "Yes," so they know which one to go after, every new surgery.
As if.

Tonia says she will need a graft at the end to fill in the hole in her leg.
A big permanent marker square has already been drawn on her butt.
She's still four weeks from weight bearing and starting real physical therapy.

If you see anyone behind the wheel, texting, blow your horn and  shake your finger.


  1. Love her attitude. And wish her only well. And wellness.

  2. God bless Tonia. I think my son finally stopped texting while driving after he nearly totaled my car.


  3. Good to hear of continued improvement, had a giggle at the yes on the leg.
    Who pays now that the Daddy's insurance has run out? If he has to pay up himself, I hope his daughter is very much aware of what she has done.

  4. Hari OM
    Oh yes I recall - glad of the update and disappointed to hear things not as forward as they could be; and oh, I don't need to shake any fingers - I've got laser eyes..... 8~[]...."yes, I'm looking at y o u!"
    YAM xx

  5. I guessing the texter had no insurance. Criminal! She has a great attitude which will help pull her through. Not sure I could put up such a good front.

  6. She is amazingly strong emotionally to have recovered as much as she has. I admire her.

  7. Every time I see someone texting I keep thinking I wish there was a simple way to let the police know. Glad for your niece's progress, but oh what a long road she has.

  8. Better yet, pull them over and give THEM a good shake.

  9. Technology is scary in many ways. Speedy recovery to Tonia.

  10. Texting has become an addiction for teenagers. Both Tonia and the other driver are lucky, they lived, many don't. Hopefully, Tonia will fully recover from her injuries.

  11. This is absolutely appalling. What a completely preventable accident! It angers me that your niece is suffering like this due to another's stupidity. I have a 14-yo who helps me out here. Two weeks ago, right after she and her dad left our farm, they were hit head-on by a distracted driver (age 23 and he had already trashed one vehicle!) My friends were in a pick-up, but the other guy was in a bigger pick-up (Ford F250). He destroyed my friends' truck and they suffered, thank God, just minor injuries (cuts and bruises.) If they had been driving a compact car, it would have been a lot worse. But the 14-yo was traumatized by it.

    Distracted driving is the new drunk driving. I call the police when I see people doing it. They have just raised the fines here in Ontario for this offence.

  12. These stories get me so upset, there is absolutely no control. I do more than shake my finger at them.

  13. I am hoping that the attorney also has a lawsuit running against sweet young thing's parents and insurance company. Life changing accidents should change that girl's life as well.

    1. Tonia doesn't say much, except without her attorney's intervention she doesn't know how she'd be getting on. The girl's daddy's insurance has run out, but I suppose in the end the company will just make some big settlement and that will be that.

  14. Prayers for Tonia! I have been in her shoes (and non weight-bearing) and it isn't a fun road to hoe! I wish her the best on surgery. I remember when they started writing yes and no on the right and wrong legs. You would be surprised why that became necessary!!

  15. I have a whole lot more than horn blowing and finger shaking for the texters behind the wheel. This post should be required reading for everyone before they receive their licenses.

  16. Poor Tonia, but I do like her fighting attitude! I hope the sweet young thing's daddy has taken away her driving privileges for a LONG time. Accident happened last week here where 2 college kids were racing; one lost control of the car really bad and went into another vehicle coming the other way. 2 speeders were probably going close to 100 miles per hour on a busy commuting street. Girl who drifted lost her life. Not sure about the guy she was racing; not much about him, but he survived, only that one fatality. But of course the girl hit a 28 year old high school teacher on his way to work; shattered his leg. Months ahead of rehab, etc. So senseless. Just like Tonia's accident; so senseless texting is more important than a person's life.


  17. Just using a phone behind the wheel is bad enough, but texting!!? Pedestrian texters are continuously walking into me on the street. Why don't they stop moving if they are so desperate to keep in contact all the time?

  18. so, so very sad what carelessness can do to another's life.

  19. Hire a good personal injury attorney, who won't get his share of the money until he wins the case against that other driver.
    Just terrible what she has to go through.

  20. I have been known to shout at people driving to get off the damn phone when we pass them in the car. how can the insurance have run out? I didn't think you could put a limit on liability which is required by law. I hope Tonya is sending pictures and medical updates to the young thing that thought it was OK to be driving while not looking.

  21. Appalling. This was a completely preventable "accident". I hope Tonia has a good recovery in the end. I know it won't be complete because the damage can never be fully repaired. But I send her a big thumbs up for her good attitude, and wish her strength as she goes through physio.

  22. awful - many of the previous comment echo my thoughts on this. I hope the texter knows what her foolishness caused.

  23. I am outraged when I am behind someone on a cell phone,let alone texting. I try to let them know as I pass them. Wrong place, wrong time. This is tragic for Tonia.

  24. Oh Joanne, yes I remember that post. So life altering for Tonia who is trying to deal with all this. I know she would just like it to all be over and get on with her life. And the texter gets off Scot free? This is such a tragedy and yet it's wonderful that Tonia seems in good spirits. (Also hope your computer issues get resolved.)

  25. I'm so sorry about your niece, Joanne. I can't imagine what she's been going through having to endure so many surgeries. Thank goodness she has such a positive attitude. I wish her all the best. There's no excuse for texting while driving.