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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Up on the rooftop...

I haven't made a roof report for several days. In my defense, there has been no sun in several days, and gloomy pictures do not make me happy.

Nevertheless, I went back out this afternoon.

This is for John Grey, who was feeling a little Bah Humbugy this  morning. He may be over it by now; morning was seven hours ago in Wales.

This lighted Christmas display has been on this house for the entire twenty five years I've been driving by.

This year the house is for sale.

I wonder if Merry Christmas...Bah Humbug is in the contract.

I've not had the heart, day after day, to post pictures of these fellows up on the roof.

Our temps still should be above freezing.

Obviously, not. 

In the morning they take off the tarps protecting the next day's work area and sheets of ice come down!

I know the flashing is copper, as are the little "dialogue boxes." The men call them "angels"; they are a guard to break up sliding snow.
All the copper will blend in when it acquires its patina, but for now it's rather showy.

The device in the picture had me stumped, so I took a crash course on slate roofs

It may be a soldering iron.


  1. I love the house that is for it is off the market fast. I have to wonder how anyone gets on that porch swing though.

  2. Bless those men! They join the postal workers, who are now delivering mail after dark. Neither rain nor snow....Look forward to the photo that shows the final product!

  3. I could do with a few angels on our roof..when that snow goes..BAM!
    Jane x

  4. Hari Om
    Oh the 'angels' are a delight, not come across those before. .... and why couldn't that house be over here in Scotland - just my sort of place!! YAM xx

  5. I want the BAH HUMBUG sign. I nearly lost it in a store today and really I am a patient person. Not setting foot in another store as my joy erodes there.

  6. Are those poor boys almost done?

  7. I'm so impressed with the roof guy's beautiful work...and their endurance. It takes a special kind of person to love their job that much. Thanks for your photo reports.

  8. WOw, they're still working on that roof? That can't be fun in this weather. But maybe more fun than on a broiling hot summer's day!

  9. Replies
    1. Yes. It appears to be made of plywood sheets and paint that is refreshed from year to year. The bulbs that are lit at night probably have been swapped out for led's, and the grinch is only in the last several years. The paint seems a little more fluorescent than in previous years.

  10. Love the Bah Humbug display. And yearn for one here.
    And have loved and been awed by your roofing series. Thank you - and them.

  11. Wow, I would have thought the roof was done already! I bet they are glad for the work, but the conditions they have to work in!


  12. I hope they are harnessed. Those slates must be really slippery. I can just imagine how cold it must be up there.

  13. My hunch is that they may be using some sort of adhesive sealant under the top edge of the slate shingles, and the tool is a heating iron used to soften and help seal them. I've heard this is sometimes done in cold weather climates.

  14. Thank you for that.....feeling much brighter today
    The porch is lovely
    I would kill for it
    Happy Christmas!

  15. Snow makes roofs complicated. We don't get snow so our roofs don't have little angels. It still shocks me when I see a snow pitched roof on a house down here.

  16. Cute Bah Humbug picture. Lol. I got a kick out of that one. The rest of those photos make me thankful that I live in warm Hawaii.

  17. Your next job (not that I'm suggesting you need one) could slate roof construction manager.
    thanks for the update

  18. Tis not the season for working on the roof! Leave the roof work to Santa and the reindeer.

  19. Catching up today... wish I'd been with you to the kids concert... sure brought back a memory or two of my own daughter's band/symphony experiences. That slate roof is fascinating... never heard of those angels before.... wonder if I could put a couple on or motorhome to guard over us?

  20. I think the copper looks pretty against the slate. It will probably weather sufficiently to blend in about a year.
    Have to admire those men working in the freezing conditions. And thank you for going out in it too.
    The house for sale looks like a very nice house.

  21. now that's a scary job and freezing to boot, thankfully there are those that can work as experts in their fields and in the worst of conditions.

  22. Wow, this is amazing, Joanne! I would not want to be one of them up on that roof. The first photo made me smile. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs.