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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The haze outside is hazy

The town is putting on its best face,
waiting for the sunshine
and perhaps some snow to glisten from.

The weather is not inspiring.

While in Elements Gallery yesterday,
Procuring birthday presents,
I added one for me.

A new bag. Isn't it cute. 
It looks like a little toad.
The artist, Bill Jones, is in his eighties.
Like me, he's not an inspiration. 
It's what we do to pay the bills.
Tomorrow I'll go back to Elements and take you on a tour.
We'll see if the mouse door is still there.

How about the Buffalo Head nickle fastener!

I stood on the steps at Elements, looking over at the train tracks,
and the Polar Express props.
It's a nice thing for the kids; all my grandchildren have been on the Polar Express and remember the trip.

But, they took their ride before the Grinch stole the Polar Express.
That's a story to write up and have for tomorrow.


  1. Hi Joanne, perhaps the weather may not be inspiring, but I love the red bows!

  2. The nickel was the first thing I noticed!

  3. That is a piece of art. What talent!

  4. Hari OM
    Great bag and the decorations bring brightness where the sun lacks &*> YAM xx

  5. The top photo is what we call 'hazy paving'.

  6. Lovely handbag the weather is dull here this morning if that makes you feel better.

  7. Hazy ,bordering on foggy between the ice pellets and freezing rain.
    Jane x

  8. that IS a nice bag

  9. Your town has a lot of charm - whatever the weather. And I love your gift to yourself.

  10. The Buffalo Head nickle fastener is a very nice touch.

    Would love to go with you on the Polar Express, although I would make sure there were no holes in my pockets before I went.

  11. Hand tooled leather AND a buffalo nickel! I'd take that any day! Happy Birthday!

  12. I really like the purse.

    You are wrong. The way you are raising your grandchildren (in all the right ways) makes you a true inspiration. We are all in awe. At a time you should be taking it easy, you are teaching three children how to be good, productive people. Many people in their 30's would not have the stamina for that.

  13. I think your town is looking very lovely. It is so clean too. The purse is simply gorgeous. Your friend is a great artisan.

  14. The buffalo nickel fastener makes all the difference!

  15. It's always a toss up here at Christmas, whether we'll have festive snow or gloomy grey ... amazing what a difference a bit of white makes!

    Nice purse. And I love that you said it looks like a toad, because I like toads :)

  16. My granddaughter just rode on the Polar Express in Illinois and loved it. She got to sit on Santa's lap and drink hot chocolate. I wish I could have been with her.

  17. Your little bag is so adorable too! What a wonderful season!

  18. I like that bag you got and the festivities of the town with the bows and the Polar Express. Years ago I lived in Medford Oregon which was sort of in a valley and would have 3 months of cloudy cool weather with no snow or other precipitation and no sun. It could get a bit depressing. I hope you guys see some sun soon!


  19. Love the green garlands and red bows everywhere. A trip on the Polar Express sounds fabulous.
    I'm happy that you bought yourself a gift, I do that sort of thing too.

  20. I rather like your toad bag. Beautiful decorations. I love your stories Joanne.

  21. Yes, that is a cool bag. Love the color, especially.

  22. If I was into purses, I'd probably like that one. I do have one, just big enough for wallet, phone and keys that is made from an old cowboy boot.

  23. It is a very cute bag. I hope that it will show you a lot of good times. Enjoy and God bless.