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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday morning

Nailed it!

Another Sunday of dreary weather.
I have not mastered the art of being warm
while I pose as a statue with a tripod and camera,
All through the window:
A female cardinal

Joined by a blue jay.
Poor jays, they are too big for the hanging feeders,
but not to proud to be the clean up crew.

A male cardinal and a house finch.
Question mark on the finch. I wonder if it might
be a sparrow. We have so many sorts of them.

Last time out I bought "generic" bird seed. 
It's in the feeders now.
I actually am being boycotted in droves
by the nuthatches and titmouses

But suddenly I have more than one pair of cardinals

And I have juncos.
I love juncos.
If we can't have penguins in Ohio,
we have  juncos.

I was going to give the current lot of feed to the deer
And go buy the good stuff for the birds.
But now I see I should buy that expensive stuff with the
big oily black seeds,

And keep whatever it is now
for the juncos and cardinals.


  1. I love watching the get the same varieties we get here.

  2. The birds really seem to appreciate the extra food. They eat everything we put out from catfood to seeds to bread, etc.

  3. Oooh. How very, very beautiful. And yes, sunflower seeds are a BIG winner here. A lot of the birds rake though the selection, discarding (messily) anything else.

  4. I hope the squirrels don't steal all your sunflower seeds. It's sun to see how many varieties of birds you can attract!

  5. I miss all of the birds that used to congregate in our yard. Bing felt that the feeders were the cause of our mice problem and boycotted them. Now, we just get to watch the scragglers from our neighbors yards. And I love titmice. The bluejays in our yard are like the mafia of the bird world...

  6. It looks cccccold where you are Joanne. The cats have got the right idea

  7. All these birds are not seen here oh we do get sparrows but not that many so they are all interesting to me, if it's cold, windy or raining here we don't see birds much.

  8. Wish I had the ability to nap like those cats :-)

  9. It can get expensive feeding an extra mouth (beak) or 10 dozen, can't it?

  10. I LOVE juncoes and the little skippy dance they do to get seeds from the snow.It looks like the sand dance.
    Jane x

  11. We have these horrible, bitchy black birds. They're at the top of the pecking order, and they are bossy as they come. I tossed out some seeds one day, last year, and they're still demanding more.

  12. Camera-through-the-window is one incentive for me to clean my windows. Sadly, the dirt rain which comes with our wind messes up even my good intentions. I'm so jealous of your cardinals and jays. But they are wise and know better than to winter here.

  13. Love the birds, but are they putting up slate in the snow?

  14. How interesting the birds are discerning by what you put out. Great collection of birds you have coming by though, I think I'd rather enjoy watching them :)


  15. What I find interesting about juncoes is that they come here in winter. They spend the summer north of us. For juncoes, we live in the balmy south!

  16. Beautiful birds you have. I am enjoying mine at the feeders & on the bird table right now from my kitchen window.

  17. I love the bright red on the cardinal and I recognised the blue jay and sparrow/finch, so I'm guessing the junco is that one in the last photo? I've never heard of them before.

    1. Juncos are like Victorian vicars. Dark grey coats with grey waistcoats. Very proper.

  18. We go through so much bird seed with five stations, but they are a joy to watch.

  19. I admire your patience in using a tripod. I cannot be bothered with one. My hands shake and I should use one. I cannot use sunflower seeds here as the squirrels are impossible. I use safflower seeds instead. I hope you all are well. I have been away from blogland too much recently. We have been trying to arrange for CC to stay in Korea. It has been an anxious time. best, olive

  20. I am in hot Florida taking care of my sister and brother in law. I always think of this state as an area that was a swamp that they filled with dirt..still is..How I miss the Ohio winter and especially the birds. I am so jealous and hope someone in my household is putting out seed so I have some within my view when I return..Thank you, Joanne.