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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Seen in passing

Things Laura saw:

In the garden.

In the side yard, on the way to the compost pile.

Things I saw:

I cannot remember the last lady bug;
Possibly fifteen or twenty years ago.

They have been replaced by those nasty, non-indigenous
yellow Asian beetles.

But there she was, on a plant we cannot identify, yet,
that we rescued and replanted last spring.

A blossom on the rosemary.
In the middle of October.

A moth on the garage wall.

A dragon fly, hoping to warm its wings enough to fly.
Not like the one I chased around the garden last summer
and couldn't catch.

A wooly bear caterpillar. To the light, grasshopper, to the light!
Probably more interested in getting under the leaves.

We had several dead branches cut from the oak tree.
A piece of lichen on a piece of bark
knocked from a falling branch.

Library patrons look and smile as I take these sidewalk pictures.
There are oak leaves and there are dyed images of oak leaves.


  1. So much to see in the details. The further in you go the more there is to see. Great pictures.

  2. Nature is lovely when you just take time out to discover it. Love your pictures.

  3. I think your snake is a milk snake. They are great mousers.

  4. The beauty of it all is that you SEE things... some (most) people just don't look.

  5. There is always magic in the detail.

  6. Love it. But can only love snakes from a distance.

  7. Wonderful nature views, Joanne! I agree with what The Odd Essay said in that the beauty of it all is that you see things and that most people just don't look.

  8. I'm agreeing with the above. So many of us just rush by and miss the details of life. Thanks for the reminder. Those are super shots!

    Your wooly bear looks like he is predicting a long cold winter, er, a short warm one, or maybe he's just in a hurry to make it to the Wooly Worm Festival in North Carolina.

  9. I like what was seen, the leaves really caught my eye. Come to think of it, I'm trying to remember the last time I saw a lady bug myself.


  10. Your have really captured the essence of fall with your photos!

  11. That's a cute little frog. We have wooly bear caterpillars here too, but never just one. They march in hundreds. The ladybug is so red! Ours over here are more orange and I've seen an occasional yellow one. Your photos are wonderful.

  12. What a lot of spots the Ladybird has - much rarer to see here these days too. I have flowers on my Rosemary too.

  13. Lovely photographs. Why is it that the red and black spots of the Ladybird always seen so attractive and safe when I suppose they should be a warning in a way. It must be because the pattern has always been used to signify good friendly things like books and clothes.

  14. what a great walk enjoyed it immensely.

  15. My friend Mary sees lady bugs everywhere -- and it's true that when I got into her car Saturday that I found two in the passenger seat.

    She says they are her mother's spirit. :-)


  16. great pics. I love the small things.

  17. Nature it!
    Jane x
    PS We have a ladybird 'infestation'...I'll send 'em your way.

  18. We have plenty of lady bugs around here. Often I don't see them until they are dead lying in the dust on a widow ledge.

  19. Hari Om
    Hey Joanne - these are fantastic!! Interesting you mention 'library' at the end there - I have given in and am availing myself of the free and fast wifi service at the local council library so as to touch base with all my blog pals and let them know that despite having returned to OZ, I have not disappeared up the back end of the globe... YAM xx &*>

  20. Wonderful pictures ... these are the sorts of things I like to stop and look at, too. I rescued two wooly bear caterpillars with the past week, in the parking lot of my dad's nursing home. Or maybe it was the same one, twice. It's also possible that instead of helping him along, I've set his journey back by entire days. I mean well, though!

  21. Your new header is so beautiful and wooly bear caterpillars hold a special place in my heart! Love them!!

  22. Dear Joanne, thanks so much for taking me on a nature walk with you and Laura. It reminds me of how often I go outside and fail to really look at whats around me, especially on the ground. And yes, there is a difference between the oak leaves that fall from living, growing trees and those manufactured in factories.

    I'm going to step lightly into my back yard today and see what I will see. Thank you. Peace.

  23. Still see regular ladybirds here, so there's hope yet.