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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Houses in town

Lockport, New York acquired its name from the locks it provided to the Erie Canal.  Very early state legislation tipped the land speculators to the canal, and when construction was begun by Irish immigrant labor, most of the necessary land was purchased from Quakers, those astute businessmen of the Society of Friends.  Even more money was to be made from side ventures, such as selling the power provided by the “raceway” built to divert water during the building of the canal.  That much is history, the sort of history that speaks of a great deal of money that went into building very comfortable homes in the generation of and succeeding the building of the canal. 
These are pictures of homes ranging from stately to comfortable in the area around the Kenan Center, bounded by Willow and Locust Streets in Lockport.  That’s about five blocks from the canal, the old center of town.  A comfortable carriage ride.

I’m not a student of history, and even less of architecture.  I did try a crash course in Wikipedia definitions of style, but when my head was swimming I decided on my own definitions.  They are:  Houses with Pillars, Colonial Houses (as defined by me), Federal Houses (again, self proclaimed), American four square and Bungalow.  These are only titles to break up the photos a little.

The houses are wonderful.  I am so pleased not to be maintaining any of them, even the bungalows.

This has a touch of Harry Potter about it.  I can see Professor Slughorn living here while the residents are on holiday.


I love the little winking eye and eyelash window in the attic.  It must have a proper name that I don't know.


Nice sun rooms on these two homes.  That was the gardener getting ready to work at the grey house.

The two storey main structure of this house could be my Grandma Cox's, in Cleveland.  The parlor is the front room, living room in the middle, kitchen at the back.  Oh, my.


Good for the portico reconstruction on an already impressive home.


This, of course, is the Kenan Center.


The last two are front and side of the same house

I intended to post pictures of houses until Blogger threw me off or I finished.  I finished.


  1. I love how the photos were arranged from the more humble common-man to the wealthier prominent citizen. House watching is one of my favorite things to do when we drive through towns. thanks for the tour!

  2. What an impressive lot of beautiful homes. I particularly like your commentary and customized architectural categories!

  3. I could walk around a town like that for hours looking at all the angles, columns, eyebrow windows and landscaping.

  4. Wow!

    As a house cleaner, all I can think is: who's cleaning those things, and what's it cost to heat?!

    Still. :-) I'd like to rent a floor or two!


  5. Wouldn't you love to have a walk around inside some of those houses? I would!
    Jane x

  6. Oh my word, what a feast of delights. It must have been great fun seeing them - when do we get the 'Through the Keyhole' Tour'?

  7. Huge houses...very picturesque.. I too am glad I don't have the upkeep.

  8. Those houses are HUGE!

  9. They are truly lovely - but I would hate to clean one, nevermind the maintenance.

  10. Those houses all look so very big!
    I love the ones with a sunroom/conservatory attached.

    I've tagged you for a challenge scheduled to go up at my place tomorrow.

  11. Those houses are beautiful and so charming. Thank you so much for a wonderful tour.

  12. What a fun tour! I've always wanted to go into these old houses and see all the little rooms and stairwells. Thanks for posting these.

  13. I love old homes! I love old anything. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!