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Monday, March 12, 2012

He does this because…

He needs the exercise

Water tastes better from the floor

He needs a bath

A dog may trip over it, ha ha ha

He can.

Toby is consumed with moving the water bowl away from the wall.  It is a heavy earthenware bowl just to keep rambunctious animals from tipping it.  We didn’t consider the drag factor of a cat leg.  We don't recall other cats getting over themselves until several years older, and this one,

Ryon, frequently wakes me at night trying to open the basement door.  But cathandling the water bowl?  Maybe they need a new kitten for distraction.  Or not!


  1. Perhaps his whiskers touch the wall when he drinks?....just trying to give him more excuses!! We are woken up at all hours with our feline family's obsession du jour!!
    Jane x

  2. What can he be thinking? Cats. Gotta love 'em.

  3. We had one who wasn't satisfied until he had opened every bifold door in the place during the night...paw under the door and thuga thuga thuga until the door opened...we had five of the darn things.

  4. Jane's suggestion makes a lot of sense to me. Of course, as the housemaid to three cats, I know that their reasoning is not always clear to mere humans. I can also identify with Delores, none of my cats will permit a closed door!

  5. One of our cats just cannot leave his water bowl in one place; we think he likes to watch the water moving around. And you've got to mind where you walk or your socks will be soaked. But your guy - he is one powerful kitty! How much does that pot weigh, anyhow? (Plus the water.)

  6. I reckon poor Toby is bored and needs a ball or something similar to distract him :-).

  7. Jazz likes to drink out of buckets or the toilet. He has succeeded in pulling a half full bucket over himself. And it is disconcerting to see cat footprints leading down into the bowl of the toilet.

  8. Maybe he wanted his drink at the apres bar?