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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My friends are all the crazy I need.........

Linda and one of her billboards.

Linda’s email:

After doing this show for 23 of the 29 years, I have reached stardom!!!! I am the "Billboard Child" for this show.
There are 7 in Ohio and Pennsylvania..  This one I found myself.  Also in local paper with same picture and doing a live interview on Youngstown television next week..I forget who is in my address book so please pass on as you see fit_including trash. Only wish i could have autographed it for you

See why I love her.  That’s enough attitude to carry us all for a month. 

You need to see her work; here's the link to her web site

Its A Linda
And here's her Shaker booth

She'll be weaving and selling there for the next three weekends.

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