Towels: how to buy them

Hello. Welcome to Everything Old is New Again, a little shop of kitchen dish towels. Even more people call them tea towels.

The towels are all cotton thread, spun in Canada, by Maurice Brassard & Fils, also the seller of Louet Looms. I weave a few towels every day on my Louet loom, and post them here for sale.

Because they are all cotton, and pre-shrunk, they go through the washer and the dryer.  They do a lovely job of drying glasses and dishes, drying the counter, wiping the ice cream off a child's face, or even water from your dog's paws.

Each towel is at least 17" x 22". I weave each color as yardage, cut them to 24" each and then hem them. I'm not perfect, but am confident each towel is at least 22" long, finished.

The towels are $24 each. This price includes postage. 

It does not include Ohio sales tax, which will be a separate line item if you are an Ohio resident.. The sales tax in my county is 6.75%.

International sales are postage prepaid, minimum order three towels.

All the towels currently available, and the quantity I have on hand, are on the sales page:  Everything Old is New Again.

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