John Lytle     My father
Lenore Rolf Lytle    My mother
Joanne   Me - the oldest
Walter  (Walt)     My older brother, 2 1/2 years younger
Melvin (Mel)     My younger brother, 5 years younger
Janice  (Jan)     My sister, 10 1/2 years younger

Walter Ernst Rolf, my grandfather, my mother's father
Ethel Lenore Cox Rolf, my grandmother, my mother's mother
Henry Melvin Rolf, my uncle, Mom's brother

Henry Charles Rolf, my mother's grandfather.  He died when Walter E. was a boy; she did not know       this grandfather.
Louis Troike, Walter E.'s step father, the Grandpa Troike my mother knew.
Caroline Schacht Rolf Troike, Walter E.'s mother, my mother's grandmother, Grandma Troike

Melvin Elmore Cox, Grandma Rolf's father, my great grandfather
Lenore Smith Cox, Grandma Rolf's mother.  She died when mother was very young.  Grandpa Cox remarried the woman I knew as Grandma Cox (actually great grandmother).
Marcia Zerbe Enos Cox, the widow Grandpa Cox married.  My Grandma Cox.
Electa Zerbe Tryon, Grandma Cox's widowed sister who lived with her and Grandpa Cox.  Aunt Lecty.

Beth, my oldest daughter
Shelly, my second daughter

Rebekah (Bekka), Shelly's daughter, my oldest grandaughter
Hamilton (Ham), Shelly's son, my next grandchild
Emily, Shelly's third child
Laura, Shelly's last child
These are my first four grandchildren

Francis (France), Beth's oldest child
Caroline, Beth's daughter
These are my two youngest grandchildren.  France is two weeks younger than Laura.


  1. Interesting reading in here (and a wonderful top image)

  2. I like this idea. I've been trying to write an autobiography but if I were to ever finish it, would my family know of its existence? I would have to publish it so they would be able to hold it in their hands and know of its existence. Interesting... thanks for sharing.