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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Meanwhile, in other news, The Indoor Band Show

I saw earplugs distributed.
I left the hearing aids at home.

The band, streaming down the aisles,
assembling onstage.

There are more than two hundred in the band.
Up the stairs.
And, in the balconies.

Instead of the regular tall marching hat, many wore costume hats.
That's our trumpeter there. The short one.

More hats.

The best hat!

The kid.

Only two playoff games left.

With luck, only one.


  1. It is funny you rooting against the home team...goes against my grain...I do get it though.

  2. The things we do for love.
    Smiling at you leaving the hearing aids at home.
    Good luck.

  3. LOL- I hear you--praying for ONE more game!!! xo Diana

  4. I wish I could have been there. I enjoy things like that. Go team. I really mean it... go. (Hope it helps.)

  5. Two Hundred!!! That's 100 more than my entire senior high school class!!! It's funny that you mentioned it... but I've been leaving my hearing aids at home a lot these days... haven't resorted to ear plugs yet... and there's no high school bands here, but the noise level is so much more than I'm used to. However... I'm still rooting for the home team!

  6. I hope you get your wish. However I admire the discipline and dedication of those young people!

  7. That must have been deafening to those who chose not to wear earplugs. Good idea to leave the hearing aids at home.
    Why the hats? Was there a special occasion?

    1. The uniform has a tall hat. They were so cramped on the stage they did not wear them so they could move around and not hit hats. The hats are current teenage humor. The director is fine with it.

  8. These are the times they will remember when they are older, like us. I understand about wanting the season to wrap up. I was wondering about the hats, too. -Jenn

  9. I love the hats! Sounded like a fun performance! Rooting for only one game left for ou!


  10. I don't know how they can muster the energy to play for so long for wind instruments.

  11. Laura is very petite! Good thing she doesn't play the tuba :)

  12. It must be fun for Laura,how lucky she is.

  13. Hari OM
    Hehehe - I's wishing with ya! But Hoorraahh for the band... YAM xx

  14. almost over. so how's Laura like being an only child?

  15. Oh, what sweet pictures.

  16. I love the pictures. She is a shorty, isn't she! Good luck in the playoffs!

  17. Lovely pictures of young people really enjoying themselves Joanne. Never mind leaving the hearing aids at home - I would love to have heard them.