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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Up, up, and away...

Emily, packed for college.

The access road between Emily's dorm and the dorm next door.

Not Emily's dorm.

Some poor (grand)parents beginning the long slog to the dorm that is not Emily's.

And a freshman, who also brought a television and a refrigerator.

Our team, who had to climb four flights.

Last load.

I had to drive to the bottom of another hill to park, and wait for a shuttle.
I stopped to take a picture of a field of solar panels by the athletic field.

I was dropped off to climb the hill to Emily's dorm.
I must find out about this. A residence unit, and a dog in charge.

The team at work.

The view from Emily's room. Her room is at the end of the hall, not off the corridor, and a tad larger than the hall rooms.
I walked from that intersection to the dorm, then up four flights of sixteen stairs each. Fortunately, I could rest often when I stood aside for loads of belongings coming up the steps.

Close to done.

The room mate arrives.

And it just kept coming.

While we still could shuffle out,

Hugs, and we left.
Summer officially is done. Tomorrow I will call Ruth and we will go to lunch!


  1. Hey, just "been there, done that" myself!! (two posts ago if you are interested). Such an exciting time for the students, such a slog for the rest of us! Hope she has a great year! -Jenn

  2. You must be 'xausted. I hope Emily has a wonderful, wonderful time. And that you enjoy your lunch. Big time.

  3. Four flights of stairs, oh dear, better your granddaughter than me. How excited she must be.

  4. These will be really good years for her!!

  5. Hari OM
    That's get fit quick stuff... I spy a Linda... cute dog... say 'HI' to Ruth for me &*> Hugs all round, YAM xx

  6. So exciting for Emily. All the best wishes to her.

    I wouldn't be able to do that trip to the room too many times. Younger legs prevail! And backs and...

  7. I remember my first move into a dorm like it was yesterday. It's a different reality from everything before and everything after. At least it was for me :)

    Four flights x 16 steps per flight - Emily will have strong legs within the month! Just think, you get to do it all in reverse in eight months' time ... times three more years ...

  8. One less body (and a lot less stuff) in your house now.

  9. Up, up and away...with TAA the friendly, friendly way...oh wait, that's not what you meant. That's an old Australian TV ad jingle for TAA airlines.
    Nice to see Emily settled, but wondering just how the roommate will fit in all that stuff. Emily looks very happy to be there.
    I would have rested a lot coming up all those stairs too.

  10. Oh dear just like moving house and that is hard work.

  11. How fun for Emily! She will do great with so many adventures!


  12. She looks so happy! I'm a bit envious of all the great adventures ahead for her.

  13. Wow! Four flights? My knees would kill me...

  14. And a new phase of life begins. Very best wishes to her. (and to you as you will no doubt miss her).

  15. oh joy oh joy Gramma. two down and one to go.

  16. Maybe all those stairs will help to stave off the "freshman fifteen". I wish her the best of luck!

  17. That all sounds like too much work for me.

  18. Oh my heaven. My daughter's really old now and I still remember schlepping her stuff from dorm to apartment to dorm to apartment in Boston. She went to Northeastern where they have an unusual system of academic semester, then work-study semester, and back again.
    It sounds like she snagged a good room. It might be quieter at the end of the hall.
    Major life milestone.

  19. Good luck to your granddaughter. Enjoy the lunch.

  20. I clearly remember taking my daughter to Hiram many years ago. It is all about the student=not the parents or grandparents. Good luck to Emily. she has flown the coop. It is all you can do. A kiss and a hug severs the umbilical cord. It is up to her. shed the tears and let go. God has Emily and you exactly where He wants her exactly where she needs to be. Love, kisses and hugs get her on her way.

  21. Every (grand)parent has their story about sending their child(ren) off to college. I won't bore you with mine, but it looks like Emily has had and still has lots of support from especially you and Laura. Best wishes and lots of success to your "college" girl, and hugs for you two ladies left at home. This will be an interesting time for all three of you❣Enjoy❣Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  22. You packed all Emily's stuff into one car? That's alot. I sure don't miss having to lug all my stuff as a student. I also know why it's the young ones that go to college. They have the stamina to climb all the hills and stairs and carry stuff too. I'm sure she will have a grand time this year at college.

  23. Joanne -- College life -- oh the rigors of moving in! But overall all your crew did very well -- lots of smiles at the end -- good sign! -- barbara

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