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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I should have taken more pictures

Thursday was move in day for River Light Gallery artists and artisans.
In case you wondered, there is no magic.
Russ, one of the three owners of the gallery.

Just emptyness.

Look hard, you'll see a bit of glass on display.

My corner.
Diane, another gallery owner, helping hang.

Lisa, the end of the triumvirate.
And Diane, checking a shirt.

My friend Pam, who helped me lug it all in,
dressing Helyn in a style Pam could pull off.

And, admiring.

I spent Friday and Saturday making lime green and sapphire blue dresses,
which I delivered today.

Helyn, before Laura added a scarf.

Three sixty, around the gallery:
Lotions and soaps.



More glass, more pottery.

Art, standing off the sandstone wall.
A hard earned lesson for all the occupants of the gallery.



There is jewelry in the center cases; I'm sorry I overlooked that.
And, as Laura said outside the building, "This is reallly cool!"
But I didn't take pictures of the coolness of all the windows of glass and pottery.

Another day.


  1. The glass in the window is inspired........

  2. Hard work, and lots of it, but it is looking good. Very good.

  3. Your work looks lovely in the gallery.

  4. Very nice displays -- look forward to more photos -- barbara

  5. I love those dresses, Joanne! Wishing all the best!

  6. Love the displays. I checked your etsy shop... how can I buy a green shirt like that is in your photos (today's blog)? I'm not exactly petite and figure I'll need a grande (classier than saying LARGE, huh?) We have e-mail now and I would love to have one of your shirts. If you have time, let me know.... otherwise I may have to sew together my red and blue tea towels and make my own ;-)

  7. Very exciting, everything looks so interesting, just the kind of shop I like to visit.

  8. Oh no, my friend..there is magic,dreams, and love in every single piece in the gallery!
    Jane x

  9. Laura is right, it is cool. What a wonderful place for people to visit and buy some lovely items. Best of luck to you all.

  10. Hari OM
    That is looking FAAAAB--YOOOUUUU-LUUUSSSHH... my kinda place... Good luck to everyone for the launch. YAM xx

  11. I am sure that there was magic involved along with the hard work. It certainly looks magical. By the way Helyn looks lovely.

  12. Ready for Christmas shoppers..Good Luck!

  13. My goodness you certainly have been busy! You are a weaver extraordinaire and I'm sure having a storefront space will really help the sales especially now before Christmas. Best of luck with the new venture. x

  14. I like your display; lots of hard work there! Good luck!


  15. Almost ready for a grand opening. I hope you get lots of customers. It all looks wonderful.

  16. That's a lot of weaving!

  17. wow. it all looks great. and you've been busy!

  18. Sounds like a lot of fun setting up shop like this.

  19. Nice stuff! I need to check out your Etsy site. I love the shirts.

  20. Beautiful!

    What did you mean about the sandstone walls and how items hanging there must be displayed differently?