Friday, December 5, 2014

A perceived oversight

The other two at lunch yesterday said they did not remember seeing pictures posted of the finished bathroom.
Probably because pictures of a 6' x 8' bathroom are even smaller than the bathroom itself.

Once bathroom accouterments are in place
there is little room for frivolity,
and less for pictures.
Only a straight and narrow shot to the business end of the room.

The shelves just inside the door.
Wire "dorm baskets" for the girls' dental hygiene,
Baskets for cleaning supplies, wash clothes, the like.

My shower. I love it, and you can see so little. Another shower head is not visible.
Oh, well.

The window, which now has proper cottage framing and a proper window sill.

The little wall that covers the stack pipe has a trinket Aunt Flo gave me;
a little diorama she brought back from Nova Scotia.

My clock on the back wall.

The view from the toilet. My new glasses.

The mirror. I must remember to find matching light bulbs for the light fixture;
the one on the left still has construction sawdust on it.

The art on the wall; a print and an artists' proof, both by local artists.
No room to take a complete picture of anything in the room, not even the toilet.
That's what you get in a 6' x 8' bathroom.
The end.


  1. I remember the photos, and still love the remodel!

  2. Looks very nice. A bathroom remodel always is good for a lot of bang for the buck!

  3. Oh it is beautiful and I'll bet so nice to use especially the shower, one can never have too many shower heads, your's is much like our bathroom remodel, our's is so small that I couldn't fit a cabinet under the sink otherwise the toilet would have been overly cramped, still looking for a short wood storage for the toilet paper.

  4. Looks neat, tidy, and cozy! Did you weave the curtain fabric? I like the pattern.

  5. Very nice. I like the finished product.


  6. I love your shower. Organizing with baskets is so handy. I have plastic containers in the cabinet under my bathroom sink. Each holds necessary items that are related to each other.


  7. I would like a bath room redo. Not happening anytime soon.

  8. My idle curiosity about your diorama led me to take a closer look - it has "St. Jovite, Quebec" written on it! No wonder it didn't look like my native province :) Wonder how it ended up in Nova Scotia to be discovered by your aunt?

    Your bathroom is very, very nice. I still can't get over how everything fits in such a little space. And I still love your bead board.

  9. It is looking beautiful. And wasn't that first shower blissful? I am still revelling in mine.

  10. I think the bathroom is very nice. Soothing colours and wonderful new shower! I love all the beadboard too. Well done and it is even better that you love it. I like the Canadian touch ;-)

  11. Congratulations, Joanne: a very fine present you gave yourself to Christmas!

  12. It looks fabulous, I especially love the niche in the shower wall to hold your shampoo. I've only ever seen those in magazines, never known anyone who actually had one.

  13. Hari OM
    It is worth revisiting and I love the 'vignettes' which tell the story as if we were sitting on the prime position! YAM xx

  14. When we had our new bathroom I marvelled at it daily. I am sure you are still doing the same Joaanne. It looks lovely.

  15. It's beautiful. We have the same colour theme in our downstairs bathroom.

  16. Simply lovely. I like the framed art and the pretty lavender towels.

  17. It really did come out great. I like the wainscoting. Did you weave your curtains?

    1. Yes, at least 20 years ago, for the old bathroom door, which had glass (used to be the original front door!). Lily 20/2 mercerized, about 40 epi, as I remember.

  18. Your 6 x 8 bathroom looks fantastic. Love your colour scheme.

  19. Great planning results in a great bathroom! My favorite was the wall paint color and the shower -- but I really liked everything you did with your bathroom. -- barbara

  20. One of the best parts of finishing up a job like that is adding the touches that make it homey. I really like what you've done.

  21. I stopped by the house on Thursday to use the new bathroom before my drive home. joanne was in another room and I heard her laugh out loud when I opened the shower door. All the contractors in the world can not imagine what an artist can see happening in this little space. Let me tell you from FIRST HAND inspection that it is wonderful. I know she will enjoy it and only hope she wants me to do new rugs. the old ones are on the floor. She deserves new rugs.

  22. I feel like I've missed so much in the past 6 weeks... here you are with a brand new bathroom, new spectacles and probably all manner of other fancy stuff... but I'll catch up. Y'all were woofing or warping or whatever the heck weavers do with looms ... and a brand new loom I think.... the last time I had internet... and by now you've no doubt supplied everyone with lovely accessories that I've missed seeing. YES! Tomorrow I'll be sure to read all the past posts... just don't want to miss what's going in your life.

  23. Huzzah! Just in time for Christmas. It is a lovely bathroom and hard to believe you managed all the needs in 6 X 8! I must show this to my husband!