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Friday, July 4, 2014

Another thing that scares the bejammers out of me

I planted a garden of flowers for the butterflies and bees and humming birds.

And you know I'll never recall their names

Opps, stella de oro lilies and bee balm.

Nice purple

Probably a daisy

It is the 4th of July
This swallowtail is my first butterfly

Not much more to say about this, except Godspeed!

I watched it fly away, over the edge of the wall,
And met the chipmunk, eye to eye.

I didn't blink,
I didn't break eye contact,
While I zoomed the lens to 180 mm,
Tapped the shutter, listened for the "focus" sound,
Grabbed a quick peek.

Got off three quick ones, silently cursing my unsteady hand.

I held his eye while I changed from screen to view finder.
And raised the camera.
He was gone, between my nose and my eye.

But one shot was decent enough.
I got it!

P.S.--lots of hummers.


  1. Great's not easy to get those chipmunks to pose.

  2. You did great with the butterfly and chipmunk!


  3. It is not easy to get a good picture of a chipmunk, congratulations! I had a chipmunk who was cutting flower buds for fun but I have not seen him in about 2 weeks. We also have a nice big milksnake in the area....I treat him with respect, knowing that he specializes in mice.

  4. Hummers? And a chipmunk? And butterfly? As well as the incredible flowers? Love, love, love your garden.

  5. Lovely series, Joanne, and the chipmunk is delightful!

  6. Your chipmunk reminded me of Spike... my daughter's cat that lived with us for 6 years. The most taciturn, benign cat you'd ever want to have... cleaned out the chipmunk population... one by one... in his time with us. Love your photos... love your garden!

  7. I can't say either bees, butterflies or chipmunks 'scare the bejezzus out of me', but I remember a cousin caught a chipmunk in his hand once, it bit him three time going up his arm and leaping off his shoulder. He may still be a but phobic about the rodents now, dunno.

    1. I haven't seen any honey bees or butterflies, except that poor fellow who probably had a run in with a bird. Something isn't right in the insect world, I think.
      But I do like chipmunks.

  8. Very decent. Now I'll never post my blurry chippy.

  9. Great Chipmunk photo!!
    The flowers your Swallowtail is on are Zinnias.

  10. Great photo Joanne ! I loved to see the Hummingbirds when were on holiday in Antigua !

  11. Hari Om
    I adore your plantings....and that shot of the chipmunk is wonderful; I take the same approach of just keep firing that shutter - something will hit the middle!!! I trust that many more swallowtails will grace your garden before the summer is out... YAM xx

  12. nice shots! congrats!

  13. I used to find chipmunks adorable, couldn't ever understand why they creeped out my mother-in-law. Then last year my aging cat stopped all hunting and the chipmunks completely destroyed all the hosta plants in the garden. Now, not so much of a fan, although your picture is calendar-worthy.
    By the way, I think your two purple plants are liatrice and astilbe.

  14. I think we have a chipmunk den in the back yard. They like to sun themselves on a retaining wall, but zip down a hold next to it when they sense danger

  15. I saw chipmunks in Colorado, but we don't have them here in Texas... at least not around us. It's a great pic. Also love the Swallowtail. They are so pretty. The Black Swallowtails are my favorite.

  16. Oh that chipmunk is a cheeky one; the look in his eye gives it away! I agree, there's something going on in the insect world..

  17. I've seen so few butterflies this year. No bees either to speak of.

  18. They are all just flowers to me.

  19. That swallowtail appears to be missing a chunk of its wing. Did it fly OK?
    I did see a few butterflies on a short hike today. Unfortunately for me something (horsefly?) took a bite of my elbow. I can still feel it hours later.