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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Countdown to 6/15 at 3:15 pm

We picked out Laura's summer activities way earlier this year, as information and brochures of interest crossed my desk.

I found this week's program in a centerfold in a doctor's office. For perhaps the fifth time in my life I desecrated a magazine and brought home the pullout. Drama camp, put on by a local theater company, using a facility in the National Park. Laura has hemmed and hawed and eventually been too shy to join drama club at school. She jumped at this.

She's been packed for more than a week. Emily says she's never been away to a camp before, and for openers she selected a week with total strangers. I've now experienced palpable anticipation. This quiet little thing with the business like manner told me this week, on our way to the post office for ten more international stamps, she is very excited, and there probably will be a letter from her pen pal on return; best to be prepared for that, too.

We all knew she was fit to bust a seam. The camp is possibly fifteen minutes from here; check-in at 3:30. I said we'd leave at 3:15, and surely be the first family there. At 3:04 she was under my shoulder, so how could I not bring the car up.

Had she needed more I'm sure she would shoulder it, too.

Not the first to arrive.

Lice check line.

Chow hall.

Dormitory.  Oh, yes. See you Friday.


  1. I hope she has a wonderful, wonderful time. And admire her courage. Which she no doubt gets from her grand mama.

  2. Didn't even look back! I bet she'll have a great week with lots of stories to share with you!


  3. What fun. She'll have stories to tell upon return. Don't forget to tell us.

  4. What fun she's going to have! Looks like the camp is very popular too!

  5. Good for her to take on the drama camp! -- barbara

  6. We went to Camp Y-Noah. I just googled it. It's still there. They had a ranch camp, too.

  7. Oh she is going to have so much fun! I'm so happy for her!

  8. Lice check in line, strange happening, but bravery too.

  9. and we are not mentioning how much you will miss her and wonder if you will get one of those, "Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh.Here I am at Camp Granada ....." or something like that letter.. Thrilled that she is so excited.

  10. So now the "watch pig" is looking at impatiens instead of pansies!!

  11. Her very first camp! I'm excited for her.
    It's good they do a lice check before letting the kids in.

  12. It sounds like she was ready for it and I hope she has a blast. My first (and only) camp was a week long, too. It was one of the highlights of my childhood and I remember nearly every moment.

  13. Dear Joanne,
    it is good that you came across that drama camp and gave the hint to her - she'll love it! I know a lot of people who are shy, but very different on a stage! So she will have fun.
    Always good to become independent.
    Did I understood right the function of that line? Or is it just a funny colloquial term?

    1. They all get their hair checked for lice. A colloquial obsession, however. "Let's check all the children for lice!"

  14. Drama camp sounds fun !

    I went on a Red Cross camp aged 12 & was very homesick.

  15. Hari Om
    Sounds like she is fully ready - not that it will all be smooth running I suppose; but well prepared nonetheless!! At least it is only a lick and spit home if she needs to make a runner for it... YAM xx

  16. I was terribly shy, unless on stage....this will be great!!
    Jane x

  17. So Laura is at drama camp and Emily? Is there a theme to her week at camp? or just general activities. my parents always sent us away to summer camp for a month and then they would go on vacation. I think we only took one family vacation in all the years of my growing up. I liked camp well enough but I was never one of the popular girls.