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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

He may be entirely innocent

I came home from work, and Jan said I might be interested in pictures on my camera.

Half a sock and four needles, but no ball....

Through the kitchen (and back, but that's the end of the story)

Out the other end of the kitchen

Across the hall into the cat room

Around the leg of their chair in front of the register,

Across the hall into my room,

Around the dresser leg,

Back through the kitchen.

Jan gathered it all up, and suggested to me

He may have saved the sock from a wild attack of Mexican jumping beans,

Or not.


  1. He looks guilty as hedoublehockey sticks to me.

  2. I'm thinking he looks quite satisfied, like he's saying "you're welcome" or maybe "THAT won't be back soon, people" :)

    Too cute to be upset with ...

  3. My cats are all rubbing their front paws together saying "Job well done"!
    Jane x

  4. That kitty knows how to entertain himself!

  5. That is decidedly a face that says 'serve you right. You left it where I could get it'. My cats would approve. I often find things moved to more cat centric positions.

  6. That face says, "You expect me to behave when you leave me alone? How dare you?"

  7. So, he's not so good at knitting - at least he tried! You've got to love that little face.

  8. How often can we have our day's accomplishments so neatly and accurately preserved for posterity? Every day, I pray to accomplish grand things. Our Toby did. It couldn't have been easy to accomplish what he did. The precision. The unerring skill. The pure, raw talent that peeps out of those knowing eyes. Well done, Toby!