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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Week of Cousin Camp

Yeah--school is in the air.  At the intermediate school across from my morning post office pick-up, cars have been in the lot for more than a week.  From teachers' blogs I read, it's time to get ready.  That means it's close to time for Grandma and Aunt Janice and Uncle Tom to send them home.

Caroline is here this week and had a batik class yesterday at the Art Academy.  This teacher hadn't met Caroline yet, but had Francis last week in the tie die class.  I just didn't get any tie die pictures, but here are the three girls displaying their batik.

Emily and Laura, left and right, made houses on their fabric.  Caroline drew a geko on hers.  Emily is wearing her tie die shirt, Laura is wearing a t-shirt they made in batik class.  Then there is this batik:

This was a vinegar process.  Her cat, Kipper, is on Caroline's piece.

Other things to do at Grandma's.

I could not do justice to a picture of bike riding, so I'll just tell you.  We live on top of the hill, the first house on the road, but several lots from the main road.  The grade is down all the way, not serious until past the mail box, and then it's down hill like an amusement park ride.  With two rises in the road on the way, just for excitement.  Now, there were no helmets when I rode a bike, nor when these girl's mothers rode bikes, but this Grandma is so grateful helmets are on those little heads as they start the decline, freewheeling, screaming, and probably doing twenty mph at the first rise.  It's a half mile to the bottom of the hill.  It's a half mile walk back up the hill.  It's a fine way to stay occupied for an entire morning.

And, I am close to professional at typing around kitty legs.

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